Deauville is definitely the "tourist capital of Normandy." It is with "Le Touquet" one of the most frequented cities by Parisians who see in a house in Normandy and more precisely a holiday rental in Calvados the opportunity to take a real breath just two hours drive from the capital. The "Côte Fleurie" is beautiful and we recommend you take a trip to Normandy, even if it is only for a few days. Those who do not know the Normandy often have a wrong image. Indeed, a holiday in Normandy does not consist only in watching the cows and getting bad weather! Certainly the weather in summer is not necessarily guaranteed, Normandy has indeed identical climate to the Paris region, but we do not organize a holiday rental in Normandy only because of the climate.

Regardless the climatic aspects, holidays in Normandy allow you to breath the fresh air. Here we are very far from the crowded shores of the Mediterranean beaches. Normandy offers huge beaches where you will never find yourself towel against towel, except that you choose to go swimming near the city center of Deauville. The Normandy beaches are also ideal for practicing many sports such as yachting or speed sailing. It is also common to see horses on the Normandy beaches. Indeed, the Calvados is one of the "horse land par excellence" of France. Many breeders are installed. Moreover, some holidaymakers often organize a holiday rental in Normandy for the sole purpose of riding horses. Some individuals also have their "refuge" in Normandy as Claude Lelouche who owned for a long time the Normandy Barriere, property. He built it in order to accommodate his friends and then it turned it into a hotel before reselling it.

The success of holiday rentals in Normandy is also intimately linked to Deauville itself. The city of Deauville has it's own international film festival taking place in September each year. If you plan to spend your holidays in Normandy and more precisely to take a rental in the "Pays d'Auge", we strongly recommend that you organise it in advance! On a map of France, Normandy is divided into two parts, lower and upper Normandy. The first includes the area of Deauville and Cabourg. The second includes the surrounding of Deauville, Honfleur (!) and goes north encompassing cities like Le Havre and Dieppe. Deauville is located on the boundary of the upper and Lower Normandy, in the heart of Calvados (also known for its drink the CALVAS!)!

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