Cabourg and Honfleur

Deauville surroundings

A modest town in Normandy, Deauville never stops surprising visitors with its great legendary beauty which makes it famous. The seaside resort is favorable to tourism and is an excellent destination for holidays. It has all the essentials to better attract the amateur yatchsman following the example of its casino, its sumptuous palaces, its well ordered villas, its tracks of race, American Film Festival and so on and so forth...


The main resort town of Marcel Proust, Cabourg is a wonderful seaside resort in the Calvados department. Although the city is of a miniature size with its 5.52 square kilometers of surface, it is potentially attractive with its enchanting decor that attracts more than one heart! The city has a large supermarket where you can find what you need every day.

To bring back memories of your trip to your loved ones, you can visit the various boutiques located on the Avenue de la Mer. If you have decided to leave for Cabourg for this summer, you will have the chance to live experiences rich in sensation. participating in the Festival of the romantic film which takes place every year on the beach and the promenade Marcel Proust.

What are the interesting places to explore in Cabourg? The Grand Hotel de Cabourg, listed in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments since 1993, must be among the tourist places to visit during your journey. We also mention the Casino, the baths, the private houses, etc.


A port town of Normandy, Honfleur is mainly located south of the Seine just opposite Le Havre. The city is renowned for the splendor of its bay which gives to the place this picturesque side so captivating. Adorned with beautiful frontages dressed in slates, the lagoon has been painted many times by several artists, including Gustave Courbet, Johan Barthold and Claude Monet.

To demonstrate its high environmental quality, Honfleur received 4 flowers in the contest of towns and villages in bloom. In November 2004, the city inaugurated a purification plant whose aim is to extract the potential pollutants from plants to purify water. This is also called phytoremediation. This process contributes to the well-being and health of the inhabitants.

What to see in Honfleur? It is impossible to overlook the Old Bay of the city. Make the most of a stroll along the shores of this beautiful lagoon that provides a panoramic view of the citadel. The bell tower of Sainte-Catherine church, the chapel of Notre Dame de Grâce, the Saint-Siméon farm are all places to discover in Honfleur.