The unmissable places in Deauville

Going out in Deauville

A destination for celebrities around the world, Deauville is where several stars meet to take advantage of some little quiet away from city life. But not only that ... Many boaters appreciate it thanks to the fact that it is good to spend a holiday there whether for sunbathing or a visit to the place.

Deauville is particularly one of a kind, with its multicolored planks and parasols adorned with beaches, a high-quality accommodation and a casino that plays an important role in the development of its economy. Let's get to know its most unmissable places!

The famous floorboards of Deauville

Lots of people come from all over the world to go for a walk there. The floorboards go the length of the beach. They extend from Port Deauville to the east and end at the limit of Tourgeville in the west. Being proud of their walk in floorboards , the inhabitants of Deauville often meet there to contemplate the horizon which offers a beautiful sensual backdrop where the sun's lights reflect on the sea ...  It is just so magical!

The Villa Strassburger

The magnificent Villa Strassburger, the most famous building in Deauville, is located on the boulevard Eugène Cornuché just off the Saint-Augustin church. Admire the splendor of the architecture that follows a medieval theme. The white and black colors blend with such precision to give the housings harmony tunes. Immortalize your moments on this most popular tourist spot or you can relax in the heart of its verdant and pleasantly maintained garden.

The Beach of Deauville

In order to reach the beach of Deauville, take the road leading on the avenue Lucien Barrière along the International Center of the city. You will no longer need to bring an umbrella, there are already hundreds ... You will have only to choose the colored equipment of your choice! Make the most of your sunbathing sessions on this beautiful square at the turquoise sea bordered by fine sand!

The Racecourse of Deauville La Touques

The Racecourse is located on Boulevard Mauger. With its 75 hectares of immensity, it hosts every year numerous events (races, demonstrations of horsemanship, etc.). The place is public, however, entrance fees can be expensive. It is therefore more sensible to plan the budget if you want to take the entire family. The Racecourse is among other places a prestigious place where polo games in center.