Where to have party night in Deauville?

Going out in Deauville

Going on holiday means doing everything you want ... A journey does not come down to discover nature or heritage hotspots, it is also intended to help you have a whale of a time and make the most of the nocturnal festivals. Night owls take note ! We have gathered for you a list of the best places to in order to have party night in Deauville! Let's go!

The Seven is a discotheque that will make you benefit from a clean and classy atmosphere. You will surely appreciate the special mention for its bar and logo which is so awsome at first glance!

The Casino de Deauville will bring happiness to the seasoned players. The atmosphere is very pleasant. Find hundred of slot machines that are accessible with a penny. If you encounter some worries, many people will listen to you to enhance your moments as much as possible.

The Point Bar is a nightclub where it is best to go on group. It will bring you a colorful and modern dance floor that will make you move and have fun and also to keep up with the rhythm of the music. The establishment are open until dawn so you can have fun as much as you want! A DJ will be at your disposal to launch you the songs which are intended especially to make you dance until the end of the night!

The Brok Café is a very famous bar in Deauville. There, you will be able to meet Stars. Make the most of the cheerful and beautiful side of this cozy and private corner to provide you with pleasant moments of relaxation while sipping your favorite cocktail!

Le Sobé is a very classy restaurant and bar in Deauville. You will be required to wear a classroom outfit given the standing of the establishment. Everything is friendly! You will be treated like kings and queens, however, think of carrying a fairly large budget, because the place is not given to everyone!