Horse Riding in Deauville

Holiday in Deauville

Deauville, the great kingdom of the horse, is greatly marked by its horse races which are organized several times in its famous racecourses every year. Its first platform was born in 1928. It is the Clairefontaine, the one that had already welcomed more than a thousand races and equestrian events.

With its 40 hectares of surface, the racecourse of the Clairefontaine is made up of 18 tracks, a flat of 2000 m, spaces of hedges, obstacles and trotting. It is the only tri-disciplinary platform of Normandy, and it is the great pride of the Coast.

The races in Deauville, which take place at La Clairefontaine, are often organized between the months of June and October, with three highlights: the grand steeplechase of the city, the Great Horse Race of Guillaume d'Ornano and of course, the Grand Prix of Clairefontaine that closes the season.

Among other things, the Clairefontaine racecourse offers a luxuriant and preserved environment decorated with apple trees and flowers. The decor invites to a great relaxation and the love of life. Despite the great importance of equastriasnism sports in Deauville, the platform opens its doors in the summer season (from summer to spring). In this way, inhabitants and yatchsman will be able to discover its wonders.

The equestrian races of the Clairefontaine, among other things,  set the rythm of thematic days which are renewed each time ... New day, new adventure! Many entertainments are also available to entertain visitors, most of which focus on travel, games, sports, etc. The equastriasnism sports in Deauville is an opportunity to entertain the whole family, young and old alike will find their happiness by spending some few moments in the racecourses of the city!

The proceeding of Deauville races: The event starts with the traditional backstage tour to discover the horses that will compete and to discover the secrets of the races. Arriving late in the morning, the staff will offer you a small snack to make you feel comfortable. In a convivial setting, you will be offered various aperitif, including regional cheeses, cider, apples, pears and fruit juice cocktails.

Deauville shelters another hippodrome located near the beach. It is the platform of Caen, a little more modern than that of Clairefontaine. It offers horse racing trotting. There are more than 30 meetings taking place every year from March to November. The Caen racecourse is famous for its straight track which is extremely long. Most of the equestrian races in the region are carried out by the region's breeders.