The celebrations in Deauville

Holiday in Deauville

Deauville is the city that, at first glance, encourages immediately to exploration. You will feel like you were a spellbound stranger while looking at the splendor of its landscapes. For the next holiday, there is nothing more pleasant than spending excellent moments in a small paradise end that makes us forget the rest of the world. Each year, several events are in full swing to celebrate the city. Here are 4 main interesting festivities that are worth the detour!

Horse - racing

The horse - racing is an attraction that makes the reputation of Deauville. Most of the parties are organized in summer so that the amateur yatchsman can also benefit from horse racing. A very festive atmosphere prevails during the period of the gallops making thus riding a sport highly appreciated in Deauville.

Horse racing is an event that will bring you unique experiences in the racecourses where the equestrian games take place. Right next to the racetrack there is the port city of Normandy. You will have the opportunity to visit this last while taking advantage of the fights of the horses.

Sales trading

It is the great festival of sales. The festivity is distinguished by the stands that are piled up on the pavements. The articles are mostly sold out so that everyone can participate. If you are passing through Deauville at the moment when this one organizes this kind of party, do not be shy and dare to haggle with the sellers who will be pleased to wrangle over warmly with you! It's also a great way to find souvenir gifts for your loved ones without having you to ruin!

Easter Festival

As the name suggests, Deauville celebrates the feast of Easter, but in a way very different from the others. Several musical concerts are organized during the event. The gaiety is felt by attending the festivity. It is a radiant opportunity to discover local talent, but also from overseas who do not hesitate to accept wholeheartedly to share the stage with the artists of Deauville.

American Movie Festival

A concept of the year 1975, the American Movie festival is an idea ingeniously elaborated by Lionel Chouchan and André Halimi. It is a celebration that has been a real success and has already welcomed several international celebrities such as the illustrious Robert de Niro, the legendary Clint Eastwood, the beautiful George Clooney, Tom Cruise and so many other renowned stars. In this way, celebration will give you an opportunity to see for real your idols and perhaps to take a photo with them!