Events in My Home In Deauville and in Normandy

Besides the many casinos where gambling, the area offers a wide range of cultural, sporting and recreational activities. In the "must see" we have to mention of course the Caen memorial that will attract youngster and elderly around in a fun and interactive tour on the recent European past.

Many castles open all summer including Crèvecoeur en Auge Castle, and welcome you for your holiday in Normandy around musical performances and historical reconstructions of scenes from the Middle Ages. Regarding music festivals, they start in late March and will last until the end of summer with a multitude of different events: Jazz, Rock, Norman traditional music, etc.

Finally, for the cinema lovers, the city of Deauville hosts the annual American film festival around the first half of September and the Asian Film Festival around mid-March. Still relatively unknown, its projection is often exciting.