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Normandy has many advantages, starting with being just two hours away from the region of Paris. In this way, the holiday villa rental in Normandy is very appreciated with Parisians looking for a bit of greenery and a good breath of sea air on the coasts of the English Channel.

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Here are our holiday villas offers in Normandy, near Deauville. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in Deauville offers you also the possibility to rent a holiday apartment in Deauville, or a nice villa for in Deauville or a stunning house with a swimming pool in Deauville. As an alternative, we also propose apartments for rent in Normandy.

Rent a villa in Normandy

Renting a holiday house in Normandy is a good idea, no matter what the season. In autumn, we like to spend a long weekend or the holidays of All Saints in Normandy because the period may be still conducive to a little lazing about on the beach. We often forget that the weather until the end of October can be very mild in the department of Calvados and that it would be a shame to be looking for the sun further. And if you will probably not have the opportunity to put your swimsuit, you can at least take advantage of the beach and the activities that are still practiced there at this season. If the wind is at the rendezvous give a try to the sand yacht. This playful sport brings together many practitioners in Normandy and there are many  Parisians who opt for a holiday house rental in Normandy in order to practice a sporting activity. Besides, there is not only the sand yachting in Normandy. There are also other water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing as well as land sports such as golf or horseback riding, the top of the activity in the Pays d'Auge. In winter, you will appreciate snuggling by the fireplace, after a long walk on the beaches of Normandy. Indeed, a house for rent in Normandy is often equipped with a fireplace and in this way, you can make the most of the pleasure of taking a place around the fire. Before booking, make sure the chimney is working and has been thoroughly swept. It would be a shame not to benefit from this latter! Consult our holiday rentals in Deauville in particular! Deauville is the main holiday destination in Normandy. Deauville is certainly known for \"Its floorboards\", which themselves owe their recognition to the film \"A man and a woman\" by Claude Lelouche, but Deauville is best known for the equestrian activities that are practiced there. If you decide to take a holiday house rental in Normandy whether in Deauville or elsewhere, you can practice whenever you like in one of the many Norman clubs. In addition to the polo competitions supported by the Casino de la Ville, Deauville has a racecourse whose activity does not disappear. Deauville Touques Racecourse welcomes both trotting and gallot races in season. For those who are not content themselves with being spectators, know that Calvados is \"stuffed\" with horse clubs and that you should therefore find a club that suits you whatever your level. If you are lucky enough to take a holiday house rental in Normandy, almost all of the clubs offer outings at the beach. On the other hand, if you have rented in Normandy in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, it will be more difficult. For all that, the landscapes are magnificent. Visit the professional links page of our website to get the addresses of the equestrian centers that surround your holiday resort in Normandy. You can also check regularly the news section of our website which informs you about the horse events (or not!) that take place in the Pays d’Auge. Finally, to occupy your evenings during your holidays in Normandy, Deauville has a very nice casino to which a night club is adjoining. The city is also full of restaurants offering a varied cuisine and no matter where you took your house rental Normandy, Deauville is located not far away! Of course the seafood is at the party! If Deauville is not all it’s cracked up to be, you can consider spending your holidays in Normandy more quietly by taking a holiday house rental Houlgate, a holiday house rental  Dives sur Mer or a holiday house rental Villers sur Mer.These villages are definitely more quiet than the east Deauville and it is however located by the sea! For your next holiday in Normandy, we invite you to browse our offers of apartment rental Deauville and the holiday house rental Deauville and the surrounding area.