Famous movies shot in Deauville

For years, the department of Calvados has been the cradle of cinematography. Indeed, it hosts many international festivals of renown where the stars of the big screen as well as the greatest directors meet. If we quote only the famous American movie festival that takes place every year in Deauville, since 1975.

In addition to the annual events, it is also the preferred address of movie producers. "A man and a woman", shot in 1965 borrowed Les Planches de Deauville and Hotel Normandy for a few sequences of his shooting. After its release in 1966, the movie won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes movie Festival, two Oscars and 47 international awards, so that it made talk about Deauville and made it famous. Today, the Pays d'Auge has become the most beloved address of lovers and a place impossible to circumvent to dive into the romanticism, worthy of a true French cinema.

The sage of "The Number One Public Enemy" also shot scenes from his movie in the seaside resort. Released in 2008, he tells the story of François Besse and Mesrine who decides to team up to meditate on the robbery of the Casino de Deauville. It has, therefore, highlighted, one of the most prestigious monuments and the most appreciated of the Norman city.

A luxurious seaside resort and city of love, in 2013, Charles Nemes alongside Jean-Paul Bathany also shoot important scenarios of the movie "Hôtel Normandy" in the heart of the city of Deauville. To give a romantic note and bring a modern fairytale appearance to their work, the two directors chose Normandy and the town of Deauville for their prestigious executives and the stunning views that the region offers.

The city continues to inspire many cinematographers of today and of yesteryear. Also, movies that unveil the countless facets of the town of Deauville are constantly emerging. Following the example of "Tournament" by Élodie Namer, "Coco avant Chanel" by Anne Fontaine with the famous Audrey Tautou or "La Disparue de Deauville" by Sophie Marceau and many others to come.

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