The Trou Normand

The places where celebrities come, a seaside resort, etc. Deauville is a very appreciated destination thanks to its many assets. Its beautiful wooden promenade ensures a relaxed and pleasant stroll, with its cafes-bars to enjoy the view on the horizon. Its narrow streets and picturesque houses offer a romantic setting for lovers strolling in the evening. Its restaurants around the old basin where you can taste the specialties of the region.

But Deauville is also a municipality of tradition. The hearty meals of former times stand out from others by practicing the Trou Norman. Formerly popular, it consisted in swallowing down in one go a small glass of calva at one gulp, and this is between two dishes of resistance.

According to the regulars of this tradition, it was to restore the appetite to the person who drinks the beverage, by accelerating digestion. Because of this, a few minutes after being completely satisfied by a dish, you will again have a space for another well filled dish.

The Calva was made from the distillation of Normandy cider and poiré. More than 200 varieties of apple cider are used to obtain a perfect blend.

In other parts of France, this practice is called the "middle blow" and a glass of cognac or armagnac is used instead of Calvados. Proof that the Norman tradition spread throughout the country.

For dietary reasons, the Trou Norman  is a tradition that is no longer recommended. Of course, many deauvillais still practice it during the famous events of the municipality during which you can consume a lot of food.

In addition, Calvados is now served in a different way. It is therefore consumed with or without ice and can be served as aperitif, cocktail or digestif.

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