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Gastronomy in Deauville

Normandy is a region of France bordered by the sea, so it is generously supplied with seafood. Among the most favored of its communes is Deauville which is located between land and ocean. Its geographical location gives it, an unique and tasty gastronomic treasure.

Known for being the first region producing scallops and oysters, it also has a variety of exceptional dishes based on shrimps, sole, mackerel, mussels and so many others from the bay of Seine. Take the example of the sole Norman, a meal of the bourgeoisie of yesteryear cooked with white wine, cream sauce and mushrooms.

Besides the delicious dishes based on seafood, Deauville also evokes dairy products. Indeed, the butter and the cream are unavoidable ingredients in the Norman recipes. To this must be added the four renowned cheeses such as the pont-l'évêque, both a flagship and prestigious product, it is also highly prized by fine gourmets.

At the table of the countries of Auge is also invited the meat. Chickens, oxen, pigs and lambs revel in voracity. If we only mention the famous chicken valley of Auge, a traditional dish that highlights poultry, apples, fresh cream and cider. It is accompanied very well by a bottle of pommel or poiré, aperitif typical drinks of the soil.

Finally, Deauville also suggests a little sweetness  through its innumerable desserts. Fruit specialties such as bourdelot, Normandy crêpe, a dessert based on dairy products such as Norman flan, Norman soufflé or a traditional rice pudding dessert slightly flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. An unctuous mixture that is both crunchy and mellow.