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Geography of Deauville

Deauville in his ancient name Aueville, d’Auville and Deauvilla is a municipality  in the department of Calvados in the Basse-Normandie. With an area that extends on 3.57 km² or 357 hectares, today it is composed of approximately 3 725 inhabitants called "deauvillais".

That renowned seaside resort is surrounded by several neighboring towns. It is 2.64 km from Touques, 2.39 km from Saint Arnoult, 3 km from Benerville sur Mer, 3.71 km from Blonville sur Mer and 1.51 km from Trouville sur Mer by a bridge. Located in the north of Auge, it is also an integral part of the Côte Fleurie.

It is distinguished by its endless beach which is the result of the erosion of the limestone cliffs, the Touques valley and the hills that adorn the landscape. With its relief of a maximum altitude of 83 meters and average altitude of 42 meters, the heights of Deauville allow to enjoy a panoramic view on all the Norman municipalities of the countries of Auge.

But the main monuments that creates its reputation are in the city center. Its casino, prestigious hotels, luxurious residences, hippodrome, harbor, recreation centers and the famous festivals. If you come from Paris, geographically, you will only have to drive 2 hours from the big French city to get to Deauville.

Thus, to admire Deauville from the sky, know that it is at an latitude of 49.357 and a longitude of 0.072 degrees East. Given that it is a city that never sleeps, at a certain height you will have the opportunity to savor a superb view of the town illuminated in the evening, especially on the quays and ports.