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How to get to Deauville ?

A well-known seaside resort in the Normandy region, Deauville is a small paradise in which all types of holidays are possible. Historic city, it is perfect for a stay of discovery. Its geographical location will also allow you to enjoy a gastronomic tour to better know the village through its culinary specialties. Of course, you can spend an active holiday with leisure and other water sports, or relax in an idyllic and peaceful setting.

But before planning your stay in this beautiful commune, you would first have to know how to get there?

The classic European transport is the best way to get to Deauville and taking care to admire the landscape before arriving at the Deauville-Trouville train station. The direct line starts from the station of Saint-Lazare in Paris. Several trains make return trips between these two points and the fare is 20 € for each journey.

Of course, you can also go by car. From the capital until this tourist town, the journey takes about 2 hours in cruising speed. To make sure you do not go wrong, make sure you are on the A13 motorway. Once on the A29, you will be at your destination. The magnificent beaches of Deauville also differ with the wooden walk, the boards, which you will not miss under any circumstances.

And if you come from far, preferring to travel by plane, you will land in Deauville airport. It is located in the town of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, which directly overlooks your city of residence. Whether you come from Montpellier, London or Brussels, this airport is open to many destinations around the world.

But what better way to have a panoramic view of Deauville than from the sea. This seaside resort has indeed a marina strategically located between your destination and Trouville. Beautiful sandy beaches dotted with multicoloured parasols will welcome you in a radiant sun. You will then dock in a vast port area offering a peaceful atmosphere, while remaining open to the world.