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Lais de Mer beach

Deauville is one of the seaside towns of Normandy which continues to get itself talked about. A fancy city, it seduces by its framework that plays between the mythical and the modern. But also, through its prestigious neighborhoods with well-kept design, its gardens full of flowers and its countless cultural heritages and historical monuments. All the elements are there to allow everyone to spend an unforgettable holiday.

The word holiday obviously evokes moments of relaxation near the beach. Deauville does not lack of it . Besides the famous promenade of the beach "Les Planches" with its Pompeian baths and the West Beach, Lais de Mer beach is waiting for you near the Avenue de la Terrasse.

To go in this haven of peace, pass between the beach of Bénerville on Sea and Deauville. Then, take Boulevard Eugène Cornuche where 1 kilometer from the latter, you will find a large parking lot where you can  park your vehicle. Even if it pays, it remains secure.

Lais de Mer is also a beach where it is good to live all the more so as the playful and sporting activities are not lacking there. Behind the nautical center for example, a large park by the sea is at your disposal to entertain you under the sun and the gentle breeze coming from the sea. It is equipped with a playground and skate park for all children. But the adults  will also find their groove. Indeed, a sporting course is open to them every day in order to have a try on jogging session.

For lovers, you have the choice between a walk along the beach or in the middle of the park. And, to change a little decor, the famous "garden of hearts" are waiting for you. On the spot, you can hang a padlock bearing your initials to symbolize the love you feel toward your loved one. A means of rendering this memory to Deauville, undying.