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Deauville Les Planches district

Les Planches evokes a beautiful walk lulled by the breeze at the edge of the beach on an alley of 656 meters long, 7 meters wide and of which 64 slats were laid side by side to build them. They start to the East from Deauville the Port to the limit of Tourgeville in the West.

One of its kind throughout the French commune, this district is part of the pillars of Deauville. Like all the vestiges, this jewel of Normandy also has its history which goes back in 1923, the year when it was built by Charles Adda. If it is endowed with a somewhat singular architecture, it is because at first, this decoration was supposed to replace the booths of baths of yesteryear considered too obsolete.

Today, in a modern and revisited setting, it has become a tourist destination flagship and a place of relaxation for deauvillais as for foreigners. Also, Les Planches invite you to admire closely this decorative and remarkable work made of Malagasy exotic wood reputed unalterable, married harmoniously with the concrete and the mosaic that reminds a little the sea.

With its warm people and its various activities, Les Planches is a place that plunges into a rhythmic atmosphere day and night. During the day, it is dedicated to sports and leisure activities, including sea bathing, hammam, tennis courts and water sports. In the evening, the renowned bars and restaurants await you in order to serve you culinary specialties of the chefs. Not to mention the nights of madness in the nights club.

For a holiday with family, friends or in love, this living district of Deauville is the not to be missed address during your passage in Normandy. Freshness, joy of life, atmosphere, entertainment and sunny days await you there.