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Deauville villas district

A few meters from the city center, this famous lively district of Deauville, is one of the most famous vestiges of Normandy, precisely, at the back of the seafront. It is a historical district that is composed only of villas , Lined up on the street, dating from the beginning of the 20th century that is commonly called "the Villas district".

Jewels of the seaside town, the Villas District is a place where it is good to live because it is calm and relaxing but also combine green areas and traditional Norman houses. To enjoy a moment of escape or vacation with family, between friends or in love, it is just the perfect address.

Especially since it has become a popular tourist destination especially for lovers of history. Each year, many visitors rush to the place to hear its incredible story, especially during the summer visits. Unveiling a Neo-Norman architecture, an archaic decor, and rustic facades, the Quartier des Villas invites you to discover its charm.

During your stay, do not forget to stroll along rue de Gheest, General Leclerc or Rue Pasteur and let yourself be seduced by the innumerable half-timbered houses of two floors, in checkerboard of bricks and stones built on A surface of 100m2. It's like visiting a museum. This change of scenery will make you forget the buildings of the suburbs, the noise pollution of the city and the incessant sounds of cars.

Besides its splendid architecture, the Villas District has the advantage of being located near the centers of leisures. A short walk, by bike or on horseback will bring you closer to these prestigious places. Like the racecourse of the Touques where horse racing, horse sales, a day of riding during an internship or a simple horse ride await you there.